About Us


10 years ago I thought about giving more happiness and love to people. The moment you enter into this world you get wrapped with relations. The very first relation which is closest to your heart and which is the epitome of selfless, patient and caring love is that of a mother. Then there is your father. He is and will always continue to be a superhero for his children. It is like he knows every wish of yours even before it crawls into your mind. Haven’t you the cherished number of surprise birthday gifts, homecoming celebrations and parties? And then there are your siblings. Now you can easily gift and shop online as FlowerAura is right here to provide you with the most loveable and thoughtful gifts. Choose the most amazing e-gift by an online shop and make your surprises and celebrations extra overwhelming. You have the sweetest relationship with your siblings. They were and will continue to be your first and best friend forever. You have countless childhood memories associated with them.